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Monday, 29 July 2019

How to lose Your weight Quick

How to lose your weight Quick

Weight loss is a big problem this Generation men and women. Easy way loss your weight 5 to 10 kg.

1.Regular Drinking Luke warm water with Lemon and Honey Morning:

Every morning Lukewarm water with one cut piece lemon mix with honey and drink empty stomach. Minimum of 30 days drink this mix. 150ml water with lemon and honey.

2.Apple cider vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar is the best product for weight loss. Every morning drink with lukewarm water.
Apple cider vinegar control cholesterol. Belly fat loss.Healthy heart.

3. Green Coffee Extract:

Green Coffee Extract is the best for weight loss. Green Coffee extract control blood pressure. Losing weight. Green coffee extract supplement or capsule intake with 2 glass water.

4.Drink Water:

Drink a minimum of 5 to 6 liters water every day to Lose your weight, constipation problem and digest every food perfectly.

Main suggests for the loss of your weight:

1.Perfect protein intake or consume
2. Eat Green Vegetables
3. Minimum sugar consume
4.Drink coffee
5.Exercise 10 to 15 min free hand.

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How to lose your weight Quick


Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The benefits of fenugreek (methi) extracts

We swallow a lot of drugs to recover instantly from illness. But nature has arranged many natural elements for us. With which we can easily stay healthy without side effects. They contain a variety of vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbal ingredients. According to Ayurveda, fenugreek is unique as it is an important ingredient in keeping the body healthy, as well as enhancing the taste of Indian dishes. By the way, fenugreek tea is very effective in controlling sugar so people who suffer from diabetes are often diagnosed with fenugreek tea to stay healthy.
Apart from sugar, fenugreek tea also eliminates mental disorders. Know them ----

The benefits of fenugreek extracts

1. Sugar controls

Diabetes is increasing in the world right now. You can start to get meth tea for caution in advance. Dr. Bengaluru Nutritionist According to Anju Sood, fenugreek tea increases the efficiency and quantity of insulin. As a result, giving the tea a touch of sugar means sugar is a hundredth away from you.

2. Reduces obesity

One cup of fenugreek tea on an empty stomach in the morning means increased digestive capacity. At the same time, the fat will fall.

3. Constipation will go away

The problem of digestion is controlled by the acidity contained in fenugreek. For example, ulcers, amber, etc. At the same time, the fiber contained in fenugreek helps keep the stomach clean. It is rapidly digested.

4. Reduces the chances of heart disease

Fenugreek tea in the morning means that cholesterol is low. And it cannot contain artery, vein fat. It improves blood circulation. Have a good heart.

5. Good kidney

kidney is clean if you drink fenugreek tea daily. The influence of fenugreek remains urine clear. Kidney stones are less likely to be stoned.

How to make fenugreek tea

1. Grind one teaspoon of fenugreek powder.

2. Mix that powder in a cup of boiling hot water.

3. You can mix one teaspoon of honey. Rose tea leaves or basil leaves can also be mixed if desired.

4. Soak three minutes with all the ingredients.

5. Heat a sieve with a sieve.

             fenugreek seed


Thursday, 18 July 2019

How To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

How To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Work hard all day and lips and lips! They are one of us, together with our smiles and laughs all day. So if you do not take care of lips, you can get a pair of lips in Tissot like a bimbo fruit? Likewise, the attention and attention of the hands and leg-ankle-ankle and mouth can not be taken in a long time, because they are very tightly chapped lips. Many of the beauty fades away, for the lip of blacksmith. If there is a pink rose-like pink petal (soft, healthy and supple) to get it, then you have to give it time. Simple, domestic tips to adhere to -----

Almond oil does not have a pair of lip care. Massage your lips with one and two times a day, and make ample oil. You will get handsome fruit.
Mix these ingredients together in lip care. Then keep airtight in the dirt-

50 gms honey
20 grams or 4 teaspoons of sugar
5 ml rose water
5 ml vanilla essence

How to make:

Mix all the ingredients together well. Use the scrubber regularly for your lips dead cells.
Honey keeps moisture in the skin naturally. Sugar can remove all dead cells and your lips so softy and pinky.

Spread the lips to the lips

Winter-summer-monsoon, many people around the year suffer from lips problems. And in it half the beauty of the soil. If you want the solution, sleeping on melted butter all night long. After three to four days, you will see that the glamor is falling on the lips. You can use honey instead of Makhal. Get the same result. If you have a habit of sipping hot water, turn it off today.

Blackish lips to pale pink

Who likes dark lips? If you are embarrassed about this problem, then turn off the dark shade lipstick. Do not celebrate the lips in the ceremony! Why is that? To get the fullness of the dress must be lip color. But not all the time. If the lips are covered with lipstick, the skin can not breathe. And if it does, it will show in the dark due to lack of oxygen.

To reduce the color of the lips:
Mix the ingredients used in the bowl with 3 spoons filled with bottles for everyday use-

Coconut oil
Amand Oil

How to use:

Use this mixture several times throughout the day instead of the left-leap left.

Use the Leap Mask


2 teaspoons Amand Paste
1 teaspoon potato peas
Half-lemon juice
1 teaspoon fresh cream

How to use:

Mix all the ingredients well and paste them on the lips.
Wash well with water for 10 minutes.
If you use 2-3 times a week, you will get the sheen lost in 15 days.

If the tip of the lip is black

Lip is not black, but many people have lip borders or blacks. It is also not recommended. To reduce this problem, first to knock or tune the habit. Then, after cooling the milk in a container, beat it well and apply it to the lips. If it is 3-4 times a day, then one day it will disappear tomorrow.

Whose lips are in the corner ...

They are troubled with pain Extortion of the victims The solution to the problem of milk and cold water is to solve this problem. Drink 2-3 times a day and get relief if you get rid of cold water. Problems will be reduced.

Regardless of these tips, if you keep silent, you will talk, others will notice your lips.
Pink lips

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Want a bright skin in winter, know the easy way

Bright skin bright skin winter easy way
skin how to bright skin winter winter

1. Use the moisturizer on the skin

If you want to get the skin in winter, moisturizer mast. It also maintains the balance of water on the skin, as well as the natural oily skin of the skin. Coconut oil, Castor Well, Olive Oil, Buttermilk, Cucumber, Very Good Natural Moisturizer.

2. Eat regular water

The demand for water in the winter is very low. As a result, we often forget to drink water. But water also goes out of the body in a normal way, to keep that balance, eat as much water as possible.

3. Warm washing habits in warm water

Winter takes too much comfort to take a bath in hot water, but it causes heavy damage to the skin. But we do not recommend bathing in cold water. Rather make bath habits in warm water. This will not damage the normal oily skin of the skin.

4. Take care of the skin at night

Do not forget to wash your face before going to bed. Then take a little moisturizer and go to sleep. At about seven to eight hours the skin gets to rest during this time.

Follow these simple methods, and prevent the damage to the skin in winter. Your skin should be healthy and bright.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Eat butter, nuts, coffee everyday and follow the rules. This disease will be in control

If there is tremendous risk of weight loss, if there is too much weight, and sometimes there is a tendency to lose weight due to crash diets or over-the-counter weight loss If it is over age, suppose it is near 60, diabetic, cholesterol reduction medication, low birth control contraceptive pills, and rehydration replacement therapy in menstrual cycle, fear of danger is high enough.

In this case, women are more at risk than men. In many stages of life, even during pregnancy, the hormones rise, that is why they grow their tendency to pour stones in the gallbladder.

If there is no motion in the galvanized stone then without operation. After the operation, there is a little restriction on diet. Before gaining weight at party-marriage, you have to think twice. So if you know about food and lifestyle, which keeps the problem of disease a little too far away, then what is wrong? Come on, check out what to eat and what to eat if you want to stop the disease.

Take the disease to eat the food

• Eat low-calorie balanced foods. If you need, consult the nutrition counselor.

• There are variations in food. Every day, without eating one type of food, Khan mixes all the food.

• Put fiber-rich foods on the food list. Such as vegetables, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brown rice, flour-tide bread, brown bread, pulses, etc.

• If you can digest, eat 2-3 servings of low-fat milk or milk products. One serving means 250 grams of milk or this quantity of milk made chana, 50 grams of cheese, 175 ml litter yogurt or talk yogurt. Yogurt should be less than 2 percent fat. Lower fat cheeses are less than 20 percent of milk protein. The cream is not good to eat.

• Eat protein-rich foods 2-3 times a day. Once played, 75 grams of fish or meat, chicken, two eggs, 3/4 cups of beans, dried peas or muscular pulses, 150 grams or 3/4 cup tofu, 2 tablespoons p-nut butter,

• Eat the part of meat or chicken which is low in fat. Obviously, the skin of the chicken will be exhausted. Eat occasionally vegetarian protein.

• Eat some useful fat per day. Nuts, fish oils, avocados, olive oils, ghee or other oils do not need to be completely removed. Because not eating fat does not cause gallstones, it is not. There can be various problems rather than eating useful fat. But it does not leave the level. Do not eat 2-3 tablespoons or 30-45 ml-Rabshi oil in the day. Twenty-four times a week to eat ginger-butter Take 3-4 times a week to eat nuts and nuts.

• There is no benefit to sugar, inversion is huge. So stop eating all the sweets. Exception results. But it is not good to eat more fruit. Fruit juice is not only

• Eat less caffeine-rich foods or drinks. Three times a day can eat 250 ml of coffee. During pregnancy, it will come in two cups. Be careful about chocolate or soft drinks too. Tea is eaten a little more. But it does not leave the level.

• A drink of 150 liters, 360 ml of beer can be run in the day.

• Take care not to increase weight. Do not try to reduce overnight and increase your time in a healthy manner.

Live life

• Take low-calorie balanced diet as well as regular exercise so that the incidence of obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol is low.

• Do not take a long-term contraceptive pill without a doctor's advice. Hormone therapy is not needed if there is absolutely no need after the ritual.

• Mediate stress also helps to avoid the problem of weight gain due to emotional stress. Relaxation Therapy Regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and hobby practice can help. If you need counseling, you will try to avoid stress. Try to sleep well.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Healthy Summer Diet: Veg ice cream in hot summer

Doctor's always advised seasonal fruits. Be healthy, automatically However, kids do not want to trim the fruit or vegetables in the shade completely. What will happen to their healthier? There is no need to worry about this. Make Khasaki with Vegetable Ice-Cream by using fruits or vegetables. See, freeze blank before you say. And in this opportunity, the fruits, milk, vegetables are entering nutrients, in his body. In this way make ice cream, milk, carrots, coconut, fries, ice cream. Why are just children, this ice cream is very delicate for the elderly to stay warm in summer.

Make Vegetable Popchel at home:
1. Apples, beetroots, and carrots popsicle
Making ABC popsicle is very easy. Boil apples, beetroots and carrots and boil them. A blend can also be mixed. Add honey to it and pour it into the Eye Tray. Children will eat at the supplement.

2. Cucumber, lemon,
and mint popsicle
Blend three ingredients together in the same way. Mix honey with it. Lechu's light talk, honey sweet and mint flavor once, and does anyone leave this populace?

3. Tomato, carrots and lemon popsicle
Tomato, carrot, lemon together, blend honey and pour it into the ice tray. Give up the child's hand when it's freezing. Seeing the colored popsicles will increase the hand.
4. Spinach Smoothie popsicle
Smoothie is very good for filling the stomach at breakfast. Make a smoothing out of fruit instead of fruit. There's a little bit of spleen juice, honey. Make a populous with this. The kids will get saplings, spinach, and honey nutrition together.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Want to live longer? Rules will increase the weight of life, life expectancy will increase, says research

Want to be long? But weigh the rules. Recently a new study found that muscle strength may be important for long life. Research presented in Lisbon Eurovreent 2019 states that strength depends on the ability to create pace and coordinate movement.

"The need for muscle strength is more than raising a chair at an older age and saying that kicking the muscles to kick. However, most weightlifting exercises are focused on increasing muscle strength. "Professor and researcher at the X-ray Medicine Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Claudio Gill Araujo. In his words, the study found that people with muscular strength lived for a long time.

For the study, the team runs tests on 3,878 non-sportsmen from 41 to 85 years old. From 2001 to 2016, the test of their muscular strength has been tested. The average age of the participants was 59 years. Five percent of the people were over 80 years old. And 68 percent were male.

The maximum value acquired after two or three attempts by separating men and women separately is measured in terms of muscle strength and body weight. According to the research, after half-a-year research, at least 247 male (10 percent) and 75 women (6 percent) died in the same time.

After 40 years of muscle strength decreases. "We have shown that energy is strongly related to all causes of death," said Arauzo. But there are multiple exercises for the upper and lower part of the body which increase muscle strength. But do not take weight that can not be raised. "

E-Cigarette has been discharged? Asthma can suffer respiratory problems

Many electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are advised to avoid the harmful effects of cigarette. But a new study found that there could be many respiratory problems, including asthma, lung problems and inflammation. Researchers have warned that this type of e-cigarette may cause microbial toxins.

For research, researchers at Harvard University examined 75 popular e-cigarette products. They researched cartridges (single use) and e-liquids (refillable components) that sell in the United States.

According to the results published in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal, 27 percent of these products found endotoxin marks. This endodoxy is a microbial agent found in the village-negative bacteria. And 81 percent of glucan (glucan) found. Most glucose is found in most fungal cells.

Harvard University professor David Christian said, "Airborne gram-negative bacterial endotoxin and fungal glycunes have intense and lasting effects on respiratory in professional and environmental conditions."

Christiana further said, "By detecting these poisons in e-cigarette products, the concern of adverse effects on users' respiration increases further."

Studies have shown that 17 products out of 75 (23%) endotoxin synthesis have been found, and 61 out of 75 products (81%) glucon synthesis have been observed.

Studies have shown that the amount of endotoxins in fruit-rich product was more. It is believed that raw materials used in this type of taste can be source of microbial pollution. Researchers have noted that the product can also happen at the time of production of contamination material or during the end of the making of a whole e-cigarette.

"In addition to breathing in harmful chemical substances, e-cigarette users may also be able to get biological pollutants like endocycin and glucone," said MI-Sun Lee, lead author of the study.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

The problem is when the back pain

As the age progresses, most of all people are seen to be suffering from back pain or waist pain. This problem can get enormous in old age and can make life difficult. The solution to this problem is to meet the awareness and proper practice.

There may be back pain in various reasons. Basically the spine or spine pain is called the back pain. The back pain is seen due to nerves, muscles, and hairs. If the muscles of the spine, nerves, bone joints, etc. can not function properly in the right position, then pain is created. The spinal cord is the body pillar. And it keeps all body structure standing. The pain can be divided into two major areas - the upper or upper part of the pain and the lower or lower part of the pain.

The problem of the lower part of the two types of back pain is seen more. One of the main reasons for this is either muscle tension or muscle tension in the lower part, and the other is the loss of spine disc or spine discs. Again there are two types - one acute and the other is chronic. Lower back pain is more due to old age. The doctor should consult if there is a back pain.

Besides, you have to adhere to some other rules in everyday life -

First of all, the backs should sit straight and move.

At the time of bedtime, the legs should be raised with two pillows or something like this.

The place to sit in the office or work is important.

Heavy work can not be done.

Bicycle, motorcycle can not be run.

Get more rest than needed.

Occasionally the pain gets frustrated or frozen with ice.

Exercise according to doctor's advice.

If pain is too much, painkiller can eat but it is not good to eat clofenac type drugs. Before taking these medicines, you must first eat antacid medicines. Consult a doctor before any medication.

Backpain will be able to consult the specialist as soon as possible.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

These two methods are easily avoided by fatty liver problems

Fatty liver problems seem to be a very common problem but this may cause more problems in the body. The most worrying thing is that it is almost impossible to distinguish the primary symptoms of fatty liver. In most cases, liver fat is detected by taking an ultrasoundogram for any other problem.

Fatty liver is a fatty liver, which we all understand about. According to physicians and experts, it is normal to have a certain level of fat in our liver or liver. But if fat levels accumulated in liver is 5 to 10 percent higher than those specific levels, then it is considered fatty liver. The problem of fatty liver is basically two types. Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease The excess fat or fat accumulated in the liver due to excessive alcohol consumption is called 'Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease'. When fat is deposited in liver due to food or irregularities in life, it is called 'non-alcoholic fatty liver disease'. Non-alkaline fatty liver disease can also be inherited in many cases.

If you can not take the time to deal with fatty liver problems, the risk of serious illness such as liver cirrhosis increases a lot. And if liver cirrhosis is deadly, it may lead to death. Without being dependent on medicines, it is possible to control the problems of non-alkalic fatty liver by using two domestic methods. Let's know, the two non-alphanumeric fatty liver problems that bring about the simplest domestic way ...

The first way: wake up in the morning and drink 1 glass of water in an empty stomach and mix 2 spoons of spleen juice and 2 spoons honey.

Vitamin-C is rich in potassium Not only this, anti-oxidant in the plateau creates a type of enzyme in the liver, which helps in melting the liver fat. Take a mixture of these months by following the rules. Get benefits

Non-stick recipes increase cancer, infertility risk!

Second way: Mix 1 glass of apple sauce vinegar in 1 glass of warm water. If you want, add 1 spoon honey to it. Before eating it, eat this mixture in empty stomach 1 glass. If you can drink this mixture by following the rules of the month, you can get rid of the problem of non-alphanic fatty liver.

However, those who are suffering from lymphatic fatty acids, they must consult the doctor. If not, danger!

The mentioned methods are only domestic plots. There is no acceptance in medical science as much as Therefore, consult a physician for fatty liver problems.

Be cautious, premature death due to acute diseases is due to the tea cups in plastic cups or plastic bottles

Nowadays there are many types of food in the train, bus, street, or in the plastic cup, glass, tea and coffee. Doctors say that eating hot food in plastic containers can cause severe damage to heart, kidney, liver, lungs and skin. Even breast cancer may also be feared. Sperm count decreases in men.

Researchers said that the normality of the working of estrogen hormones in women is interrupted by regular insertion of the plastic in the bisphhenol-named toxic diet. There is a possibility of body fatigue, loss of hormonal balance, decreased brain capacity, and multiple diseases. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), used to make plastic bottles or utensils, is softened using thalates. This thumbnail is poison for our body. Multiple studies have shown that if these chemicals are regularly inserted into the body, breathing, obesity, type 2 diabetes, low intelligence, and autism can cause nerves in the body.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Acne or rash problem is increasing with the help of summer

Acne or rash problem is increasing with the help of summer. Due to the treatment of drugs or creams found in the market, the fear of side effects remains intact. However, without the help of medicine or cream, it is possible to cure acne problems such as acne, rashes. The first thing to know for him is why acne, like rash!
One of the most common causes of acne is unhealthy skin. So first you have to keep the skin clean. To keep skin clean, it is important to scrubbing regularly. Acne is not only in the mouth but also in other parts of the body. So scrubbing the whole body. Different scrubbers, cleaners are available in the market for scrubbing or cleaning.

But it is possible to remove the skin problems like acne, rash, by natural means. Let's know about all the functional domestic ways ...
1) Neem leaf is a highly effective antibiotic material. So, to cure acne problem, make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder with neem leaf paste. Put this paste on the skin and wash it in 15-20 minutes. At least 3-4 days a week, if you can take care of skin in this way, the problem of acne, rash will decrease rapidly.
2) Coriander leaf acne, a very effective element to solve the problem of rash. Add 1 spoon of turmeric powder to Coriander leaf paste. Put this mixture on the skin and keep it in 20-25 minutes. Acne, rash problems will get benefits in handheld.
3) Those who have acne, the problem of rash, are too much, they should be sprayed 2-3 times daily in skin-affected areas during lemon juice. Wash it after 5-7 minutes. At least 3-4 days a week, if you can take care of skin in this way, the problem of acne, rash will decrease rapidly.
4) Mint (pudina) leaves are an extremely effective element in controlling excess oil of the skin and preventing acne infection. To remove the rash or acne on the skin due to excessive heat, mint leaves are very beneficial. Put the fresh mint leaves on the skin and wash them for 10-15 minutes. This will cut the oily skin of the skin.
5) Take a cup of ripe papaya with a cup of flour, add 1 spoon of spinach and juice and rice powder. Massage this mixture with a mouth-full body and brush it for 20-25 minutes. After that wash well. At least 2-3 days a week, if you can take care of skin in this way, the problem of acne, rash will decrease rapidly. The skin glow on the same.
6) Many people like to taste wood apple very much like to taste. Raw crab chestnut acne is highly effective for the treatment of acne and rheumatic problems. Apply raw wood apple juice to soak the skin acne, rash affected areas. Wash after 10 minutes.
7) Unclean stomach may also be responsible for acne, rash problem. So it is necessary to keep the stomach clean. For this, take 250 grams of fresh water in 1 liter of water and take ten minutes. If the amount of water is roughly half, then get rid of it. Keep this water cool and refrigerate. If you can take 1 cup of water in an empty stomach every morning, the problem of stomach and acne, rash, will be very much under control.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Do you know how to help you get a soft skin like a baby?

Do you know how to help you get a soft skin like a baby? That is Baby Oil. This baby oil can be your skin as soft and smooth as a child. Baby oil contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Aloe Vera, honey and mineral oil, which keeps the skin healthy and refreshing, keeps the free radical wounds from the skin away from the skin. So keep baby oil in everyday silver candy -

If your skin is very dry or sensitive, then select Baby Oil as a moisturizer. After washing your mouth or bathing, put baby oil on the body. The oil will dry quickly in the body, the excess brightness can also be found on the skin.

Make a makeup with a clencher and make a makeup with a baby oil instead of harming the skin, instead of damaging the skin.

Every particle in the makeup will rise, the skin will be moist and soft.

Baby oil loses all the damage to the vitamin E skin easily. So if you want to heal ankle, then make the baby oil warm by lightening, then massage the ankles. After Baby Oil, keep the socks for a while, so that oil can penetrate deep in the skin.

There is a rare painful problem to get rid of the nails from the skin. Baby oil instead of normal cuticle care cream. Apply cotton around the nails, massage your hands lightly. The kettlecine will be healthy, nails will also be normal.

Make your chest look beautiful before marriage.

Breastfeeding may occur due to various reasons, such as excess weight, age and childbirth. The breasts are loose / loose due to the spread of the chest rash and loss of skin elasticity. Exactly fattened bra / breasts, regular exposure and abstinence from the nipple can be avoided.

Step 01:

Follow the bra that gives full support to your breasts (the way to mark the correct bra is discussed earlier). Keep in mind that your bra may run smoothly with you - that is, when your bra lace does not fall from the shoulder, or the bandage is not too tight or extra loses during walking.

When the bra will measure to take size - be sure to wear your old bra and measure the size just below the breast.


Breast-lip surgery can be improved by breast enhancement abnormalities. Breast Lip surgery is usually done through local anesthesia. In this method, extra skin is thrown out, and in many cases the nipple / breasts and areola are replaced. If you are breast-feeding or having a baby, then you should not have to undergo surgery.

Step 03:

If you have regular nutrition, your picotic muscles will be well organized, which will give you the flexibility to stay healthy. Healthy foods, low-fat foods and dessert foods, combined with fruit and fresh vegetables, will keep your health healthy, which will play a role in the beautiful structure of the nipple. On the other hand, increasing the elasticity of the body (tension) to increase the weight of the body - which affect the nipples of the breast.

Step 04:

If you are a smoker (direct / indirect) then exclude it today. Because tobacco nicotine directly affects old age and destroys the elasticity of the skin, which makes the skin of other parts like the body sloping - consequently, hanging on the nipple!

Friday, 24 May 2019

Age of folds in age - only the number of ages! What can you do with such a demand? Whether the skin folds, the appearance of the face in different ways, the age impression? skin young

Age of folds in age - only the number of ages! What can you do with such a demand? Whether the skin folds, the appearance of the face in different ways, the age impression?

It is necessary to try to be capable of being physically capable of not only taking the age, but also in the face of age that should not be placed in the thaw, should also be kept in mind. According to the experts, one of the vegetables that can be trusted to remove age from appearance, But do you know, just by using the graft, will it be very useful for the skin? Then take Jenny the rule.

1. Karela contains plenty of Vitamin C So this vegetable helps to keep the skin in redness.

The skin does not have the pair to tilt. So cook lemon every day and add lemon and salt to it. The skin of the skin will remain long.

2. You can get relief from Karela juice mixed with karla ras, but it will also benefit. Wait a few minutes by adding this mixture to the mouth. When dry, wash in cold water. This mixture is removed by adding different brightness to the skin.

3. Haram ruins the harmful substances in the blood and purifies the blood. The effect comes on the skin. Therefore, to remove the age-old impression of skin and to keep the skin beautiful, it can eat lemon juice every morning.

4. Remove the banana seed, apply it on the face. Three days a week, if you use this Facebook skin, the skin will return overnight.

How to get rid of the smell of sweat?

Summer eyes are increasing day by day. The humidity of the air is also increasing. In the meantime, poisoning is very sensitive on the daytime. This sweat keeps the body warm. Due to sweating, the body keeps excess body heat and keeps body temperature properly.

But the bad odor of this sweat again becomes troubling when there is a sweat out of your social gates too. Even at work, when it is necessary to get in touch, sweat sweat gives you unpleasant situations.

 1. Wear a light shirt

If you wear dark colored clothes, your body will absorb more heat from the surrounding areas. This will cause sweat. So wear a light shade during the day. Light shades reflect the heat and do not allow the body to enter. But the dark color, which is to wear the dresses alone, but wear an undergarment inside. This will dry your sweat.

 2. Do not get out of the sun

It is better not to get too much sunlight without needing it. Stay in the shade most of the time in the place. Drag the screen in the morning so that the outside sunlight can not warm the house more than the house. The more warmth your body will save, the less your sweat.

 3. Not spicy food

On the surface of our skin, there is a kind of bacteria, which creates bad odor from sweating. If you want to stop the bad odor of smell, then the first thing to look for is dietary habits. The fast food, the spicy food and the oils in our daily diet, the better the better. Such foods produce strong heat in the body which reduce body sweating. Protein diet produces enough heat on the body. Exclude the need for extra protein foods from the list. Exclude caffeine is the national food that heats the body. Rather eat foods that are beneficial to digest fruits, vegetables and light foods. Drink water and certain amount of water daily, it will not warm the body easily, so it will not be sweeter.

 4. Use antiperspirants

Antiperspirant can be used to prevent sweating. But it is not okay to give it before bathing in the morning, rather it should be given at the time of sleeping, bugging and the place where there is more sweat. It takes quite a bit of time to work on the lymph, because it is cold all around the night, it uses good results. If you have practiced many nights, you will see that your sweat has decreased much earlier than before.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Such fruit tea will relieve stress from stress.

It is almost impossible for someone to be less than anyone but to completely relieve stress. But it is the main thing that is in control. Many do not hesitate to hurt yourself under stress! Do you know Tea can gradually reduce your stress. Do not think joke! Only a cup of hot tea can help nicely get rid of all physical and emotional stress. If you love to drink tea of ​​different tastes, do not forget to taste the taste made from various fresh fruits. But making tea in the home or office can not be easy for many. This type of ready can buy from the market for this. Here are five of the fruit tea-

Orange Hot and Cold T: The pink red orange pink colorful nourishment made of vibrant colors and sweet flavors makes you drink fresh in the moment. Chocolate Super Berries Belt Organic T: Made with excellent taste and antioxidant rich in this tea berry and chocolate. This tea is also claimed as a lifesaver.

Dilemah pitch tastes tea: This black tea pitch fruit produced in Sri Lanka is tastefully sweet taste.

Lemon Ginger Tea: This tea is made with lemon and ginger. This is also a sweet taste of black tea.

Cranberry and Raspberries: The tea is prepared by crushing berry and herbaceous spinach. Cold and hot - this is the tea.

Want to lose weight .. Eat the combination of these two, then see

Age reaches the age of 30, meaning that the waist does not rest. The struggle of college-life can not be turned back in the face of thousands of attempts. Exercise, all of the diet has been done. What do you think?

Now try tri-do curry-lemon. Experts say that we can lose weight if we can eat regularly with a little bit of potassium juice mixed with lemon juice.

According to nutritionists, yogurt-lemon is super food. An International Journal of Obesity has labeled the mixture of yogurt and lemon to lose weight.

Weight loss by playing the ball regularly. Leibur juice works with them. Besides weight loss, this combo will shine skin-hair.

But if you eat a lot of yogurt-lemon while rushing to reduce weight, then danger In the day, eating a little more than a cup of yogurt-lemon can lead to hazard.

When you get in the car, and no vomiting

Plunge into your beautiful plan to wreak havoc.Tour
plan has long made friends or even brothers and sisters fall in love. But, a little problem can soothe all the pleasures. You can become an enemy on a long or short journey, vomiting tendency. When traveling on the far side, on the bus or trawler or in the car, vomiting? As the head rotates, the body becomes cold with sweating? Does lunisive trouble and always suffer from one discomfort? You are definitely suffering from Motion sicknesses. Know why it happens and its remedy.

But one of the main problems of motion sickness travel. This may be due to a kind of brain problem. Especially for buses, private cars, or ink-operated vehicles, there may be problem of vomiting. The interior protects the body's speed and balance of life.

When it comes to the car, it sends a message to the inner brain that it is dynamic. But the eyes are different. Because the front or the side people or the car seats are still fixed. Motion sickness is created due to this combination of eye and intraoculars. This is due to nausea, nausea, headache, etc.

To avoid vomiting in traffic * The problem is a little less when traveling outside the window while traveling. * At this time you can take long long breath through the open window. * The most effective herbal remedies for removing vomiting Ginger Sprinkle ginger with ghee and mouth can be chewed. This will remove your vomiting. Those who can not bear the throats, they are hot and ginger in the mouth with the juice of the juice mixed in the mouth and the blisters of the vomit will disappear from the mouth.

* Whenever you feel nausea, put a piece of cloth on the face. Slowly stay in the chest to see the vomiting has gone away from your mouth. * Miniculus effective removing the ulcerative bowl. Minestrone juice is more effective in removing gastric vomiting. So gastric-based vomiting, keep the mint leaves in the mouth. Many people like cinnamon chiba. Cinnamon helps with digestion after eating heavy food. Therefore, due to problems of digestion due to problem of nausea, a piece of cinnamon can eat.

* Talking nonsensical food causes the body's vomiting to be removed. The lemon juice contains citric acid which is quite effective in removing the nausea. But if gastric-based vomiting is not good, then lemon is not good for eating. Apart from this, the smell of lebaputara may come in handy if it is vomiting. Because the leaves of the lemon leaves the vomiting away. * Those who have more problems on travel, they can take Dumperidan medicines half an hour before they get in the car.

* Take a seat near the window. Open the window In the open air the mind and soul will be on the moonlight. * Do not sit behind the car or walk around the car. Do not eat or drink a little before the journey begins. * Supari or paan or chewing gum can also be beneficial.

Do not forget these people should not eat garlic. Tragic consequences from the side.Garlic side effects.

For some of the properties of garlic, your physical problem may increase. Garlic is very useful for many problems in our body. But it is not for everyone's body that this meal will produce good results. Find out some reasons why it is not right to eat garlic if you have problems.

Liver problem: If lever problems do not eat garlic good. Because garlic can increase your liver problem further. Homeopathic medicines: onion, garlic, homeopathic may damage the drug's effectiveness. So avoid taking garlic while homeopathic medicine courses are taken.

Low blood pressure: If somebody has low blood pressure problems then it is better to consume less garlic. Garlic can also create problems by reducing blood pressure. Anemia: Garlic reduces hemoglobin levels in the blood. Therefore, if you have anemia problem, you can eliminate the use of garlic according to the doctor's suggestion. Badahzam: Stay away from garlic and oil spicy food in the problem of digestion. Pregnancy Pills: If you eat regular pregnancy pills, refrain from eating excess garlic. Garlic reduces the effect of the abdominal pills.

During pregnancy: the body warms garlic. Excessive garlic during pregnancy gives body temperature. Thereby, there is a possibility of miscarriage. Avoid those who have allergies in garlic. But if you do not have problems, there are many benefits to eating garlic in empty stomach.

Eating garlic in an empty stomach is a matter of health. Playing garlic on an empty stomach is beneficial, which is not cooked with other food. Garlic must eat before breakfast, before breakfast. If you do not want to chew, swallow with water, cut two koa garlic.

It works in strong antibiotics. According to researchers, playing garlic on empty stomach helps reduce hypertension and stress. On the other hand, prevent digestion problems. Garbage in stomach from the stomach to the stomach, it also prevents garlic in empty stomach. Diarrhea, on the other hand, quickly improves it. In the morning, the blood stomach cleaned blood.