Monday, 8 July 2019

PUBG banned in more than one country due to harmful effects

Increasingly jealousy among young people They are moving away from the reality of the virtual world. Earlier this year, PUBG has been banned in more than one country. This time Jordan was named in the list of those countries. These online games are banned for harmful effects.

This game is officially banned by the government of Jordan Telecom Regulatory Authority as well as the popularity of users.

A lot of popular PUBGs in Jordan. The popularity of this game is among the youth of the country. Earlier this year, the telecom authorities expressed concern over the issue. Jordan's psychologists claim that the rules of this game are to kill other athletes at the time of play. Such games-play can cause jealousy among young people. After that, it was decided to ban PUBG.

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PUBG has already been banned in Iraq and Nepal. These games are banned in Gujarat in India. These games are banned in Indonesia.

PUBG or Player Anon's Battleground is the most popular around the world. In this game, there are around 40 million accounts around the world. About 27 million people play games every day in the world. This online game has become more popular due to the availability of smartphones on the Internet. Many people are choosing PUBG as a career. Organizing regular tournaments of pubis maker or other organizations in different countries including India. If the tournament wins, the chance to win a huge amount of money. That's why more young people are heading towards this game.

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