Thursday, 4 July 2019

Healthy Summer Diet: Veg ice cream in hot summer

Doctor's always advised seasonal fruits. Be healthy, automatically However, kids do not want to trim the fruit or vegetables in the shade completely. What will happen to their healthier? There is no need to worry about this. Make Khasaki with Vegetable Ice-Cream by using fruits or vegetables. See, freeze blank before you say. And in this opportunity, the fruits, milk, vegetables are entering nutrients, in his body. In this way make ice cream, milk, carrots, coconut, fries, ice cream. Why are just children, this ice cream is very delicate for the elderly to stay warm in summer.

Make Vegetable Popchel at home:
1. Apples, beetroots, and carrots popsicle
Making ABC popsicle is very easy. Boil apples, beetroots and carrots and boil them. A blend can also be mixed. Add honey to it and pour it into the Eye Tray. Children will eat at the supplement.

2. Cucumber, lemon,
and mint popsicle
Blend three ingredients together in the same way. Mix honey with it. Lechu's light talk, honey sweet and mint flavor once, and does anyone leave this populace?

3. Tomato, carrots and lemon popsicle
Tomato, carrot, lemon together, blend honey and pour it into the ice tray. Give up the child's hand when it's freezing. Seeing the colored popsicles will increase the hand.
4. Spinach Smoothie popsicle
Smoothie is very good for filling the stomach at breakfast. Make a smoothing out of fruit instead of fruit. There's a little bit of spleen juice, honey. Make a populous with this. The kids will get saplings, spinach, and honey nutrition together.

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