Monday, 8 July 2019

Chicken instead of paneer! 55,000 rupees fine of Zomato

Delivering the wrong food is 55,000 rupees to Zomato non-restaurants. The buyer protection court has ordered this fine. A lawyer from Pune ordered this meal. He ordered the vegetarian food, and after receiving the meat of meat, he went to the consumer protection court.
In the media report it has been found that within 45 days, the lawyer named Shanmukh Deshmukh will have to pay the lawyer Zomato K He said the incident happened twice after the meal of vegetarian food.

After he was ordered to order the paneer butter mills, the buttermilk was sent to the chicken.

He said, "Because these two food shows look the same, at the beginning I did not understand who has been chicken."

Zomato said that due to the delivery of the wrong food, the customer's food money has already been refunded.

In the Buyer Protection Court, Zomato said that these foods have been delivered to the restaurant since they forgot this incident happened. However, the court said the two sides are equally guilty.

The restaurant has accepted this mistake.

The restaurant and Zomato have been ordered to pay a penalty of 50,000 for the wrong services. There was also a fine of 5,000 rupees for mental harassment.

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