Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Be careful! This malware has reached 1.5 million phones across the country

A new malware called "Agent Smith" has entered into 25 million Android phones worldwide. This malware has reached 1.5 million phones in India. Recently the news has been reported in the Czech Point Research Report. Initially, this malware entered the phone as a Google app. Later, instead of all the Google apps, this malware has its own application installed. This event is happening without the customer's knowledge. There is also a malware named 'Latur' in front of security.

Check Point Research has reported that the "Agent Smith" malware is making huge money by installing ads on the phone by installing a fake app. However, this malware can easily be accessed by various personal information. Without showing the ad, "Agent Smith" is not understood exactly what kind of work it is doing.

Recently, "Hummingbird", "Copicat", is quickly spreading like malware, "Agent Smith". These malware generated millions of dollars by displaying ads.

"Agent Smith" is spreading from the tether party app store '9Apps'. This malware has been found more frequently in phones such as Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian and Russian. This malware spreads the most in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

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