Monday, 3 June 2019

When is 5G coming to India? Find out

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ready to move forward towards digital India In the beginning of next year, the Modi government wants to launch 5G network across the country. But the distraught telecom chiefs of how far it is possible to implement the current infrastructure.

According to Tilakraj Dutta, Chief Secretary of The Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association (Taipa), the success of 5G in the country is possible only if a large number of towers and optical fiber cable can increase the network's density.

According to experts, India is still far behind on the fiber-based network. To launch the 5G network properly, optical fiber is required to be installed at a cost of ten million kilometers per year. But there are only two and a half million kilometer fiber installed in the year. That's why the telecom commanders folded their thoughts on the forehead.

However, the government is seriously looking at the necessity of fast network. There are currently 150 million optical fiber across the country. By 2022, the Ministry of Telecom has been able to create an optical fiber network of approximately five times more than the present, ie 7.5 billion kilometers of the optical fiber network. At the same time, the goal of adding 60 percent of the tower to this network. At present, only 22 percent of the tower is connected to the fiber network. There is 80 percent of China's fiber network with tower in the neighboring country.

On the other hand, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is seeing the light of hope in these bad times. Other companies want to lease their 8 lakh kilometer fiber network BSNL.

Even after the Modi government decides to form national fiber authority by the end of last year, the work still did not work. In all, telecom officials say that it is unlikely that 5G will be launched all over the country before 2022.

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