Monday, 10 June 2019

Want to live longer? Rules will increase the weight of life, life expectancy will increase, says research

Want to be long? But weigh the rules. Recently a new study found that muscle strength may be important for long life. Research presented in Lisbon Eurovreent 2019 states that strength depends on the ability to create pace and coordinate movement.

"The need for muscle strength is more than raising a chair at an older age and saying that kicking the muscles to kick. However, most weightlifting exercises are focused on increasing muscle strength. "Professor and researcher at the X-ray Medicine Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Claudio Gill Araujo. In his words, the study found that people with muscular strength lived for a long time.

For the study, the team runs tests on 3,878 non-sportsmen from 41 to 85 years old. From 2001 to 2016, the test of their muscular strength has been tested. The average age of the participants was 59 years. Five percent of the people were over 80 years old. And 68 percent were male.

The maximum value acquired after two or three attempts by separating men and women separately is measured in terms of muscle strength and body weight. According to the research, after half-a-year research, at least 247 male (10 percent) and 75 women (6 percent) died in the same time.

After 40 years of muscle strength decreases. "We have shown that energy is strongly related to all causes of death," said Arauzo. But there are multiple exercises for the upper and lower part of the body which increase muscle strength. But do not take weight that can not be raised. "

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