Saturday, 8 June 2019

The problem is when the back pain

As the age progresses, most of all people are seen to be suffering from back pain or waist pain. This problem can get enormous in old age and can make life difficult. The solution to this problem is to meet the awareness and proper practice.

There may be back pain in various reasons. Basically the spine or spine pain is called the back pain. The back pain is seen due to nerves, muscles, and hairs. If the muscles of the spine, nerves, bone joints, etc. can not function properly in the right position, then pain is created. The spinal cord is the body pillar. And it keeps all body structure standing. The pain can be divided into two major areas - the upper or upper part of the pain and the lower or lower part of the pain.

The problem of the lower part of the two types of back pain is seen more. One of the main reasons for this is either muscle tension or muscle tension in the lower part, and the other is the loss of spine disc or spine discs. Again there are two types - one acute and the other is chronic. Lower back pain is more due to old age. The doctor should consult if there is a back pain.

Besides, you have to adhere to some other rules in everyday life -

First of all, the backs should sit straight and move.

At the time of bedtime, the legs should be raised with two pillows or something like this.

The place to sit in the office or work is important.

Heavy work can not be done.

Bicycle, motorcycle can not be run.

Get more rest than needed.

Occasionally the pain gets frustrated or frozen with ice.

Exercise according to doctor's advice.

If pain is too much, painkiller can eat but it is not good to eat clofenac type drugs. Before taking these medicines, you must first eat antacid medicines. Consult a doctor before any medication.

Backpain will be able to consult the specialist as soon as possible.

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