Sunday, 2 June 2019

The forehead is the same! Hrithik Roshan's film 'Kabil' made in 2017 will be shown in China.

The forehead is the same! Hrithik Roshan's film 'Kabil' made in 2017 will be shown in China. Roshan's son is now the country's premier event in that country. He went there with the superstar Jackie Chan. In the social media, uploaded a photo without delay. Then the barrier floated in the caption to write in the caption: "If you are not destined, Jackie Chan will not visit. Today, I touch the sky." I took two pose photos of two people. The first picture is Casual. But standing beside the Chan is like seeing the huge smile of Hrithik. The other panda soft toys posed by the others. Going to the premiere of the movie, sharing all the details of Roshan's social media. In the film Hrithik's heroine Yami Gautam is going very fast in China. Photo of the day of June 5 (June 5)

Keep eyes on Hrithik's post:

Sanjay Gupta, Sanjay Gupta, director of Cannes. Produced by Rajesh Roshan (Rakesh Roshan). The film was released all over India in 2017 (2017). Shahrukh Khan's release was released on the same day. (Raees). Basically, Rais ruled the Box Office that year. The picture was in the sixth position in terms of business. And earning 100 Crores.

"If the father had a different life then it would have been a different kind," "No actress hurts

The story of Kabil photo is visually impaired by Rohan-Supriya. After an accident, whose life becomes more difficult.

Right now, Hrithik is eagerly waiting for his next film Super 30. The film will be released in July (July). The main character of this photo is mathematician Anand Kumar, who created 30 Indian students behind in the field of Indian Institutes of Technology.

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