Thursday, 20 June 2019

Samsung's foldable smartphone

The display did not launch at a fixed time for multiple issues. The South Korean company has said that the problem will be solved only if the problem is resolved by the default smartphone. Samsung Vice President Kim-Seong-Cheol recently announced that the Galaxy Fold is ready to be available in the market. But when the device will not be launched. Samsung's first foldable
smartphone will launch in a few weeks.

The Vice President of the company told that almost every problem that has been detected in the Galaxy Fold display has been solved. This device is now ready to come to market.

Kim said the expectations of people from the Galaxy Fold are in the extreme. After this launch, the worldwide smartphone market will create a storm in the midst of this fundamental smartphone.

Samsung will solve all problems with the display of this device before launch. Samsung has recently sent the Galaxy Fold device to multiple YouTube reviewers. After this the problem comes to the news of the Galaxy Fold device on the Internet. The torch lays behind the launch of this phone Samsnung Pre-order is closed.

In the US, April 26 was supposed to launch the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In that country Galaxy Fold costs $ 1,890 US (about 1,31,200 rupees).

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