Saturday, 8 June 2019

Realme 5G smartphones

 Realme  has already started making 5G smartphones. Realme Chief of India Madhav Seth said that the company will come with the 5G smartphone by 2019.

Madhav said recently in a post on Twitter. He said, "5G is real now Get out of the meeting room with Sky Lee. Realme is going to be in the world's first line of 5G smartphone launch. We are committed to reach the customers with the latest technology. "

A few days ago Realme told that the company will launch 5G smartphones when China and India start 5G network services.

The company's latest smartphone Realme X has a pop-up cellphone camera. This phone contains Snapdragon 710 chipsets. With 8GB of RAM and 48 megapixel primary sensors.

Price of Realme X is about 1,499 yuan (about 15,400 taka). This smartphone can be found in multiple storage variants. Realme X Lite is priced at 1,199 yuan (about 12,300 taka). This smartphone will be launched soon in India.

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