Sunday, 23 June 2019

PUBG Lite pre-registration in India has started, will be an exciting prize

Recently PUBG Lite announced the light version of PUBG Lite PUBG Crop. This game has been developed keeping in mind the low computer configuration. The pre-registration of PUBG Lite beta version was started in India today.

Pre-registration of this game has been announced from the PUBG Lite Official Facebook page in India. PUBG Lite Beta version can be registered till 4th July.

Event code will be sent to email on 11th July after the pre-registration is completed. PUBG Lite's open beta program has already started in 15 countries.

Everyone who pre-register the beta version of PUBG Lite will receive a Tiger M416 gun free. There are also cheetah parachute skin event rewards. Although more than one million subscribers pre-register, everyone will get a black scarf, pink glass and body combine pants for free. With the number of pre-registered subscribers, you can get a PUBG scarf, yellow and black strip long sleeve shirts and red sports top free of all.

All these codes will be sent to all customers on June 11 via email. It can be redeemed using the code later.

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