Monday, 17 June 2019

Google Maps does not show the right road? Know the address

There are problems facing the road. You can not understand the way to reach your destination without asking the traveler. At this time many people try to look at the target in their Google Maps app on their phone.
But many of Google Map users complain that the app does not work properly. Google Maps does not accurately show roads due to a few common settings in the phone. As a result there is a problem with navigation. Google Maps shows incorrect locations for different reasons. Problems can be seen due to low GPS signal, not calibrate compass etc.
But it is possible to solve this problem very easily. But before that Google needs to know how to track the locale.

Google tracks your phone's location in different ways.

1) GPS - Google can track phone's GPS location through almost 20 satellite satellites.
2) If Wi-Fi is connected to Wi-Fi, it can track Wi-Fi location of the phone from the location of Wi-Fi, Google Maps.
3) Mobile network - From the location of the mobile network, Google Maps can also know the location of the phone.
Google Maps can not properly understand the user's location when these signals are compromised.

How to solve this problem?
The first method:
1) Open Google Maps on the phone.
2) Turn the phone up to 4 until Compass Calibrate Howcamass calibrate.

Second method:

1) Go to Android phone settings.

2) Select the location option.

3) Turn off Location Services.

4) Select the High Accuracy option.

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