Sunday, 2 June 2019

Be cautious, premature death due to acute diseases is due to the tea cups in plastic cups or plastic bottles

Nowadays there are many types of food in the train, bus, street, or in the plastic cup, glass, tea and coffee. Doctors say that eating hot food in plastic containers can cause severe damage to heart, kidney, liver, lungs and skin. Even breast cancer may also be feared. Sperm count decreases in men.

Researchers said that the normality of the working of estrogen hormones in women is interrupted by regular insertion of the plastic in the bisphhenol-named toxic diet. There is a possibility of body fatigue, loss of hormonal balance, decreased brain capacity, and multiple diseases. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), used to make plastic bottles or utensils, is softened using thalates. This thumbnail is poison for our body. Multiple studies have shown that if these chemicals are regularly inserted into the body, breathing, obesity, type 2 diabetes, low intelligence, and autism can cause nerves in the body.

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