Sunday, 19 May 2019

When you get in the car, and no vomiting

Plunge into your beautiful plan to wreak havoc.Tour
plan has long made friends or even brothers and sisters fall in love. But, a little problem can soothe all the pleasures. You can become an enemy on a long or short journey, vomiting tendency. When traveling on the far side, on the bus or trawler or in the car, vomiting? As the head rotates, the body becomes cold with sweating? Does lunisive trouble and always suffer from one discomfort? You are definitely suffering from Motion sicknesses. Know why it happens and its remedy.

But one of the main problems of motion sickness travel. This may be due to a kind of brain problem. Especially for buses, private cars, or ink-operated vehicles, there may be problem of vomiting. The interior protects the body's speed and balance of life.

When it comes to the car, it sends a message to the inner brain that it is dynamic. But the eyes are different. Because the front or the side people or the car seats are still fixed. Motion sickness is created due to this combination of eye and intraoculars. This is due to nausea, nausea, headache, etc.

To avoid vomiting in traffic * The problem is a little less when traveling outside the window while traveling. * At this time you can take long long breath through the open window. * The most effective herbal remedies for removing vomiting Ginger Sprinkle ginger with ghee and mouth can be chewed. This will remove your vomiting. Those who can not bear the throats, they are hot and ginger in the mouth with the juice of the juice mixed in the mouth and the blisters of the vomit will disappear from the mouth.

* Whenever you feel nausea, put a piece of cloth on the face. Slowly stay in the chest to see the vomiting has gone away from your mouth. * Miniculus effective removing the ulcerative bowl. Minestrone juice is more effective in removing gastric vomiting. So gastric-based vomiting, keep the mint leaves in the mouth. Many people like cinnamon chiba. Cinnamon helps with digestion after eating heavy food. Therefore, due to problems of digestion due to problem of nausea, a piece of cinnamon can eat.

* Talking nonsensical food causes the body's vomiting to be removed. The lemon juice contains citric acid which is quite effective in removing the nausea. But if gastric-based vomiting is not good, then lemon is not good for eating. Apart from this, the smell of lebaputara may come in handy if it is vomiting. Because the leaves of the lemon leaves the vomiting away. * Those who have more problems on travel, they can take Dumperidan medicines half an hour before they get in the car.

* Take a seat near the window. Open the window In the open air the mind and soul will be on the moonlight. * Do not sit behind the car or walk around the car. Do not eat or drink a little before the journey begins. * Supari or paan or chewing gum can also be beneficial.

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