Friday, 24 May 2019

This game is the most downloaded worldwide

Many popular games worldwide. Among the games that are most popular, the name of the game is not only gameras but also non gamers. Some of the most popular games like this are Call of Duty, GTA, Medal of Honor, Counter Strike. Which of the world has sold the most? Take a look.

This game is the most downloaded worldwide

Significantly, no above games are listed on the world's largest selling game. At the moment, the most downloaded games are Minecraft. In 2011, the game developer of Sweden, Mozang made these games. Microsoft started buying microfinch in 2014, after the launch started becoming popular.

Minecraft has completed ten years of launch recently. This game has been downloaded 17.6 million times worldwide. Which can present the game most of the time most downloaded games.

Previously GTA 5, released the first game as 10 million downloads. This game has been downloaded more than 11 million times worldwide. But there is no correct evidence of this information. This is the first game developer to reveal the number of games in the game. As a result, Mojang's minecraft remained in number one.

In the Minecraft game, the house, house, can be made using the three-D block. The game goes on in more than one mode. The mode like survival mode, adventure mode, hardcore mode is quite popular among players. So if you are still not playing it yet, you can start playing by downloading now. Commenting on the experience of minecraft, we have to comment.

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