Sunday, 26 May 2019

Make your chest look beautiful before marriage.

Breastfeeding may occur due to various reasons, such as excess weight, age and childbirth. The breasts are loose / loose due to the spread of the chest rash and loss of skin elasticity. Exactly fattened bra / breasts, regular exposure and abstinence from the nipple can be avoided.

Step 01:

Follow the bra that gives full support to your breasts (the way to mark the correct bra is discussed earlier). Keep in mind that your bra may run smoothly with you - that is, when your bra lace does not fall from the shoulder, or the bandage is not too tight or extra loses during walking.

When the bra will measure to take size - be sure to wear your old bra and measure the size just below the breast.


Breast-lip surgery can be improved by breast enhancement abnormalities. Breast Lip surgery is usually done through local anesthesia. In this method, extra skin is thrown out, and in many cases the nipple / breasts and areola are replaced. If you are breast-feeding or having a baby, then you should not have to undergo surgery.

Step 03:

If you have regular nutrition, your picotic muscles will be well organized, which will give you the flexibility to stay healthy. Healthy foods, low-fat foods and dessert foods, combined with fruit and fresh vegetables, will keep your health healthy, which will play a role in the beautiful structure of the nipple. On the other hand, increasing the elasticity of the body (tension) to increase the weight of the body - which affect the nipples of the breast.

Step 04:

If you are a smoker (direct / indirect) then exclude it today. Because tobacco nicotine directly affects old age and destroys the elasticity of the skin, which makes the skin of other parts like the body sloping - consequently, hanging on the nipple!

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