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Karla Teata tea: Drink this herbal tea under the control of diabetes and cholesterol

Karla may not be our favorite food, but we all know about its nutritional quality. Carbohydrates are added for the increase of nutrients in different samudis and vegetables. It helps control blood sugar levels, cleanses the liver, helps with weight control. Another way to get the benefits of the carla is to drink tea bitter tea.

bitter gourd tea

Know the nutritional value of bitter tea:

This bitter tea is made by selling the dry slices of water in the water and sold as a medicine. It is also found in the market as a powder or extract. This tea can be made with leaves, fruits and seeds.
Below are some of the benefits provided.
1. Blood sugar levels control:
Since ancient times the use of karla has been in control of diabetes. The karla tea is useful.

2. To reduce blood cholesterol:
This tea helps to keep the body healthy by reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

3. Keeps the liver clean:
Liver detox helps in preventing indigestion.

4. Helps in increasing disease prevention:
Vitamin C in this tea protects against any infections and increases disease prevention.

5. Increases the sight:
Vitamin A is present in the eyes of the tea present in the tea.

bharwan karela

The process of making bitter tea for karla:

Bitter tea is easy to spell. Take some amount of dry or fresh curry pieces, water and honey for taste as well as taste. Karla tree leaves can also be used, but leavening is available so use Karla. Boil the water, add ten to ten minutes of dry spices, and all the nutrients in the curry blend into the water. Cover from the sprain and cover for a few more minutes. Then stir the tea in the cup and add honey to the soup. Make your sweet tea But do not use sweet tea while controlling blood sugar.

COMMENTS Hypoglycemia patients may have some side effects of the liver. So take the advice of the doctor before using tea on your daily diet.

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