Sunday, 19 May 2019

how to white your teeth by banana's peel

Each of us uses some things in our daily life, but many do not know his other qualities, which can benefit us in particular. In ancient times, this was not so much of a doctor or modern medicine, but people were dependent on herbal virtues. There is also a thing, which we all eat almost daily or know about it, which is the banana. And we'll talk about the Banana's collapse. But in this case, the banana must be of course artistic.
There are plenty of mineral elements in the Banana's peel. Especially potassium, magnesium and manganese. And that's the main tool to whiten the tooth. There are also plenty of calcium and vitamin D in the collar glands, which also help strengthen the tooth and absorb the minerals. The banana pea will undoubtedly whiten your teeth, but use it in the right way. And of course follow the rules. Learn the detailed procedure.

(1) Choose the right art at first. It is important to have a properly ripe banana to whiten the teeth. Not too ripe, not too raw. Choose a banana which is a little green towards the bottom. Because this kind of potassium contains high levels. And this potassium will take the responsibility to whiten the teeth.

(2) Take the banana out of the banana. Yes, just as you were, the banal was right from its opposite side. You see that there is a long sculpture in the neck. In the reverse, these fibers will be there with the shells.

(3) Cut two pieces by squirting from the shell. Cut out your comfortably size. If you want, you can also save this cutlery fridge.

(5) Before brushing your tooth this morning, grind your teeth very well with the inner part of the collar shell. Slice the whole one minute with the first piece. Then change it to one minute with another piece. That's to gnash the tooth twice a whole two minutes. Every part of the teeth should be rubbed in such a way.

(5) Wait a while for teeth to rub. Good if you can do 15 to 20 minutes. Do not eat water or anything else at this time, nor do it well. If your time is over, take a toothpaste with your regular use tooth paste.

Now look at the mirror, how much is the change of the teeth? After 4/5 days you will see that your teeth have become much brighter than ever before. As the yellow feather has diminished, so much of the black tart has been removed. This method will also work for those who smoke or drink. But it will be used quite a long time. And follow the right course.

Of course, remember that
This is not a magic. Therefore, to get good results, use the rules. Also, it must be noted that at least 2 minutes must be rubbed. This time is important. Better to grind more After rubbing, you must give time to mineral absorption of the tooth. People who have a toothache, smoking or illness will take a little longer time. There is a lot of sugar in the cholera shells. Therefore, it is necessary to properly brush the teeth. And this can not be used more than 1 times a day. Those whose teeth are not very yellow, use them once a week.

We often eat all the ripe bananas, but drop them off. There is a lot of Doctor
, I do not know if there is any benefit in using it in such a way. We have spent thousands of rupees in the balance of medicine for the medical doctor. And if there is a way to be solved by natural means, then try it once again to see what is the harm.

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