Friday, 24 May 2019

How to get rid of the smell of sweat?

Summer eyes are increasing day by day. The humidity of the air is also increasing. In the meantime, poisoning is very sensitive on the daytime. This sweat keeps the body warm. Due to sweating, the body keeps excess body heat and keeps body temperature properly.

But the bad odor of this sweat again becomes troubling when there is a sweat out of your social gates too. Even at work, when it is necessary to get in touch, sweat sweat gives you unpleasant situations.

 1. Wear a light shirt

If you wear dark colored clothes, your body will absorb more heat from the surrounding areas. This will cause sweat. So wear a light shade during the day. Light shades reflect the heat and do not allow the body to enter. But the dark color, which is to wear the dresses alone, but wear an undergarment inside. This will dry your sweat.

 2. Do not get out of the sun

It is better not to get too much sunlight without needing it. Stay in the shade most of the time in the place. Drag the screen in the morning so that the outside sunlight can not warm the house more than the house. The more warmth your body will save, the less your sweat.

 3. Not spicy food

On the surface of our skin, there is a kind of bacteria, which creates bad odor from sweating. If you want to stop the bad odor of smell, then the first thing to look for is dietary habits. The fast food, the spicy food and the oils in our daily diet, the better the better. Such foods produce strong heat in the body which reduce body sweating. Protein diet produces enough heat on the body. Exclude the need for extra protein foods from the list. Exclude caffeine is the national food that heats the body. Rather eat foods that are beneficial to digest fruits, vegetables and light foods. Drink water and certain amount of water daily, it will not warm the body easily, so it will not be sweeter.

 4. Use antiperspirants

Antiperspirant can be used to prevent sweating. But it is not okay to give it before bathing in the morning, rather it should be given at the time of sleeping, bugging and the place where there is more sweat. It takes quite a bit of time to work on the lymph, because it is cold all around the night, it uses good results. If you have practiced many nights, you will see that your sweat has decreased much earlier than before.

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