Saturday, 18 May 2019

how to celebrate Shilpa Shetty Ramadan

Shilpa Shetty has come up with a new item on Sunday again. I already got this actress named '30 Top Health and Fitness Influencers In India ', Ramadan posted a special Sunday piano, and for her she chose two of the most popular Indian confectioneries.
Takes - Jilipi with Firni and Rabari! After posting this video a day after celebrating the birthday of non-refined sugar of Viyan Raj Kundra, I made Arti this special cake and Cupcake made of Pastry Chef Puja Dhingar in Mumbai and everything was done without party processed sugar.

On Sunday, Shilpa Shetty did not return anything for the pansot, which is served with milk and rice made confectionery and cold water, as well as preparing rabbits with juice jilipi.

Join this delicious session of his cat, Simba, who attracts us with his own color, take a look!

See, the water is coming? Shilpa also revealed in Instagram that Rabari Bollywood actor Ranbir Singh's favorite confectionery with Jilipi! Firni and Zilipi are the most loved Indian confectionery, which especially Muslims in the holy mash of Ramadan enjoy the time of Iftar during fasting. The rest of the day they avoid themselves from any food. I return a confectionery that is eaten in sehari or dawn meal and iftar.

COMMENTS Rice flour is cooked in milk and cooked in a slow. I then grind her aroma with cardamom powder. Cut the potatoes and cut fries with fritters for 2-3 hours, then serve it. I will serve the other confectionery which is enjoyed in the holy month of Ramadan. Being Baklaba, Shir Khurma or Sheoya and Shahi Puka I

The most popular confectionery is returned to Sehri and Iftar, it can be easily prepared at home and also a lot of taste! So, we have to say,
Shilpa Shetty really knows how to celebrate all the festivals!

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