Friday, 24 May 2019

highlighting the battle 'PM Modi vivek oberoi Narendra Modi

Sunny Deol acted 'Gadar' picture in mind! The director wanted to throw the image of 'PM Modi' in a little bit, director Ummong Kumar. But in the absence of that stage dialogue and lively acting, the picture played by Vivek Oberoi from the first shot fell flat. The story of the screenplay started from Modi's childhood. Where has been shown how little Modi grew up as an 'ideal boy'. In the tea shop, as well as in the spirit of patriotism, how did Modi fix his own lifestyle? Later, how the RSS preacher was involved in the BJP. Then came the Gujarat riots incident. How did Modi spend his days in the prime ministership of winning the faith of the people, by
highlighting the battle 'PM Modi'? Though the film was a bit hype surrounding the actor Vivek Oberoi, Vivek could not make any impression in the film. Zina Zahid Wahab, who played a key role in the role of Modi's mother Hiraban in the film. But the rest of the actors could not give a surprise to the whole picture. Finally, many days shuffle, then finally release the picture. More controversy surrounding the picture. Then released 'PM Modi'. But the surge of enthusiasm, frenzy that was first seen in the picture, the nature of the storytelling and the acting has reduced the surge of experience.

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