Thursday, 16 May 2019

Choose to magic over the skin, season this season

It does not mean that everything is bad. In fact, we have a profitable hat relationship with warmth. At this time, we are very cautious about the condition of the sun in the sun, but it is also true that even sitting in the house is not possible. You have to get out of the way, you have to face dust pollution. But in the summer, there are a number of results that can be useful to improve skin health.

Check out some fruit buddies:

Did you know that 95 percent of watermelon water contains. It is very important to maintain the water skin in summer. By ensuring watermelon, the elasticity of your skin will remain and it will be tender. Many people use face packs of watermelon


Futuri is the most trusted friend of the summer. There are plenty of vitamins in it that are important for skin health. Like watermelon, there is a lot of water in the lime.



Summer is the day of strawberry. Whether it is old age or roughness on the skin, strawberry works like magic everywhere. It can be eaten only, can be mixed with curd, it is also eaten as a shake with milk.


Ripe papaya

This fruit of light orange may make magic for the skin. But not only keep moisture but also to remove the burns in the sun, pair of papaya pair fair. Fruit salads can be mixed in it or just eat ripe papaya as desired.

Restrain the heat to read berry binding


Many people think that leaving the pineapple is very hot, so keep them aside. But they do not know that there are plenty of Vitamin C Vitamin B-Six in Pineapple. Khan pancakes will be eaten by eating pieces or jus but it must be eaten.

These things are kept in the refrigerator! If not, then buy it now and enjoy the summer.

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