Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Bollywood's 'Most Wanted' woman Alia bhatt

Alia Bhatt has stepped into the colorful world of B-town a few years ago. But after one success, one of the successes of his career is on the sidelines.
Mahesh Bhat's daughter, who recently got the top spot again. Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, behind the scenes, she came to top the list of Bollywood's most wanted women.

After walking in Bollywood with Karan Johar's 'Student of the Year' in 2012, she did not look back. There are several blockbuster movies, including 'Raji', 'Gayli Boy', 'Highway', and its holds. And Alia is getting Suvinna's award in the film. The success of 'Razi' in the year 2016 has brought him to the top.
Alia is the first to leave Deepika and Katrina in the Times Most Desirable Woman 2018 list. At the top of the list in 2010, Miss World Manasi Chillar She has dropped to number 17 in the list of 2018. On the other hand, Deepika Padukone was second in the year 2017, now she is in fourth place. Now Katrina Kaif is at number three in the list.
In this case, Alia Bhatt showed a big surprise. In the list of 2010, it was 37, which is one number in one jump. Last year he worked hard. Most of his films have created a storm
in the box office.

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