Thursday, 16 May 2019

Blackheads are plagued by problems? Take away the path of domestic way

Who does not want to get shiny bright skin But it is not only cared from outside but also keeping the inside of the body healthy. But if you have oily skin, then you have a little more exposure to the skin than others. Because oily skin is usually associated with any skin-related problems. Acne, Pimple Whitehead and Blackhead Problems Sufferable Oily Skin Resistors Many people go to salon to spend their money to save them from their hands. Many of the costly beauty products to buy. But with the use of a small domestic item, it can be saved from its hand. Usually this problem is higher in nose, throat and throat. The three components of the kitchen can work like magic in blackheads.
Beware of heating surplus rice! Diarrhea may cause misery

What is needed in Scraban?

Paste a banana

Two tablespoons oats powder

1 tablespoon honey


Take the oats in a container first. Mix them well with bananas and honey. Mix the mixture all the way to the mouth. In this circular manner, massage your hand 5 to 7 minutes lightly. Finally, gradually lift with warm hot water. After that, you can use a light moisturizer.

Oats pair fairing to remove dead cells and clean the dirt. Honey works on the skin as a moisturizing ingredient. It contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial components. The collar helps keep the skin moist

Using these little three elements, your beauty may get another dimension.

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