Friday, 24 May 2019

Arnab Goswami's Video Viral After Sunny Leone
Polling on the mercenaries resulted in fierce tension on the results. And the excitement begins at the counting center of the counting centers in every corner of the country. The whole media of voting tension The Indian media has only feared the hilvutage incident in the elections of the seventh parliamentary elections. Sunny Leone has said in a live show in the place of news correspondent Arnab Goswami Sunny Deol, who is in touch with this tension. That video is currently viral. Sunny Deol, son of Dharmendra from Gurudaspur in Punjab, is contesting on BJP ticket. It is seen from the start of the counting of votes that he is ahead. And tell the news on the live show from the audience of the TV channel's studio. But the mercury of the voting was so much that he called Sunny Deol as Sunny Leone. And that video is currently viral. In fact, the Lok Sabha has passed the NDA 350 of 542 seats. BJP is emerging as the single largest party. As a result, after the election of the 17th Lok Sabha, the country will once again see the BJP-led government going to Delhi,

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